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The jail will only accept money orders for Canteen during the office hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Saturday. MONEY ORDERS CAN NOT BE FROM A BANK. The funds for Canteen must be in by 4:00 PM Friday for Tuesday Canteen and 4:00 PM Wednesday for Friday Canteen. If at anytime the jail sees or feels that money is being placed on another inmate's account to prevent the payment of jail fees the canteen will be stopped for 30 days each time on both inmates. The inmate receiving the money, their account will be charged any of the fees that would normally be held until their release or there will be a fifty fifty split. This means that any and all money will be applied to jail fees at that time!! If an inmate owes money to another inmate it is to be paid after their release.

Payments are now available online by credit or debit card through CourtMoney.com. Click here for more details.