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All mail must be mailed through the US Post Office. Pictures, Letters, ETC will not be accepted through the front office to be given to any inmate. The name of sender and return address must be on the outside of all mail. Nothing off the internet will be allowed. No perfume, no cologne, no lipstick, no tape, stickers, glitter, sparkles, construction paper, coloring book pages, no crayons, markers, glitter pens, no bookmarks, no music cards, staples, no polaroid pictures, no advertisements, no newspaper or magazine clippings, no stamps, no extra envelopes, no extra paper, no letters with sexual content, only 3 pictures no larger than 3 x 6 are allowed in the inmates possession at anytime. They may not trade out their photos. No pornographic or sexual pictures of any kind. All mail from other correctional facilites will be returned. No convicted felon will be allowed to write any inmate in the jail. Third party mail will not be accepted. All mail not allowed will be returned or destroyed. All mail received with insufficient postage will be returned. If no return address is on it, the letter will be destroyed. Only plain letters (NO ADDED STUFF, SUCH AS BOOKMARKS OR PAMPLETS). NO SPILLS, SPOTS OR WATERMARKS.